Day 1- Part 2.

So I gave you guys some of my background. In this post I’m going to give you a heads up as to what you should expect to see in my blog, and some of my expectations for the juice fast itself.

Just to let you guys know, Dana Jill is cooking some delicious smelling yams and red onion with balsamic vinegar. So I am a bit distracted as I’m typing. Which brings me to the first “what to expect”

Struggles. One of the main reasons that I wanted to write a blog during my fast was so that I could vent on alot of the struggles that I will be going through. Some stuff that I expect to run into/ already have experienced in less than a day are as follows:

  • Adjusting around the social aspect of eating. We basically live our lives around our meals, and so since my meals will be in a glass, jar, or bottle, I’m sure it will be quite an awkward transition
  • Mental “hunger” vs. physical hunger- I’ve read some other testimonials on 60 day juice fasts and a common theme is the idea that our mind tells us we are hungry more than we actually are physically hungry, and alot of that has to do with what kind of food is in our stomach.
  • Working at a restaurant that serves really great food and drinks. I honestly do love the food and beverages that I get to serve/make at my job.
  • Cooking for my wife and others. One of my tools in the kitchen is my own tastebuds. More Often than not, I am tasting the food as I am cooking it at home.
  • No coffee or alcohol- Did i mention that I won’t be drinking coffee or beer or anything of that sort during this 60 days? yeah I had my first major caffeine withdrawal headache today after I got off work. It was no fun, but I hear that those go away eventually.
  • Not being a grumpy baby- When Dana got home tonight I was a bit snippy, and I hope that is just because I’m kind of a jerk sometimes, and not because my brain is being all weird due to lack of nachos and whiskey.

I’m sure there will be quite an assortment of struggles, but the real reason I am doing this juice fast isn’t just to lose weight but it’s to generally feel and be healthier. So i’ll be sharing benefits such as:

  • Boost in energy- In most blogs, youtube videos, and documentaries I’ve seen they mention have so much more energy.
  • Mental Clarity- Another common trend in other fasts. always a plus!
  • Weight Loss- I don’t even remember the last time I actually have a BMI under 25.
  • Skin clarity- My skin has been crazy dry for the past few months, and most people’s skin improves fairly quickly when they start juicing.
  • Discipline- I am going to have to be very disciplined to make it through. Discipline is not one my strong suits, so I look forward to growing in this area.


I will also be talking about why juicing is amazing for you, some juice recipes that I love, and other resources if you are curious about healthy eating.

And what would a weight-loss blog be without posting some hard numbers!?! I will be posting every 5 days and each post will definetly have my current weight at the top.

I also want to throw this out there to you guys, If you want to join me in doing a juice fast, even for like 5 days of mine, I would LOVE that! please please please feel free to leave me comments below each post with encouragement or questions, or whatever.  I don’t have all the answers at all, but I would love some feedback.  Thanks and here’s to 59 more days!

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