Quick update

Hey everyone! I have a quick break between shifts, so I thought I’d update y’all on progress.

I am thrilled and amazed to tell you that I stepped on the scale this morning and saw a 178.3 staring back at me. This is the lightest I’ve been since middle school.

Also, I’m not gonna lie, I’m getting pretty burnt out on juice, but since there is only 3 days left, I am definitely going to hang in there.

I am craving healthy foods. We are pondering trying the paleo diet. We’ve pondered this for a long time, but Dana rented this book, practical paleo from the library, and it has a bunch of really amazing recipes an meal plans. We’ll see.

Speaking of things that have been pondered… I have been considering going back to/finishing school for nutrition or dietetics (instead of philosophy) I was thinking about how interesting health and nutrition is to me now, and pair that with my purpose in life which is to help people… Sounds like a fit. That’s a whole other ball wax.

I’ve decided that on Friday I’m going to eat an apple in the morning, do a green smoothie instead of a green juice (hello avocoda!) and maybe some brown rice for dinner. I will continue to write on this blog, and I’m open to suggestions as to what I should write about… I’m thinking something along the lines of healthy eating or dietting, (which my phone autocorrected to duetting, i suppose I could write about that as well)

If you have any insight on getting back to real foods or experiences with the Paleo diet, please leave me a comment.

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