Lately I’ve been fired up.  I’ve felt awake.  “What are you fired up about Sam?” you might be asking me…. Well the answer isn’t that simple.

I spend too much time on my phone.  I spend to much time on Netflix.  Dana can confirm both of these facts.  Before a few weeks ago, my days off consisted primarily of doing laundry, cooking, and watching Netflix.  I’d sit on our couch (which is where I’m sitting right now typing this) and just veg out non-stop;  finish whole seasons of shows (Limitless the TV series, Netflix’s Voltron, Penny Dreadfuls etc.) or sometimes re-watch movies I’ve already seen (The Matrix trilogy for example).  While watching these movies I would play a Marvel game (Contest of Champions) and a Star Wars game (Galaxy of Heroes) along with the normal Facebooking. I wasn’t even pay attention to the movies!
Even while I’ve been sitting here, I’ve checked Facebook and Instagram twice, watched Bad Lip Reading NFL 2016 (very funny) and started listening to a podcast about fantasy football.
None of these things are bad in and of themselves.  What I have come to realize is that I have been asleep.  I stay distracted.  Why?  That’s what I’m trying to figure out here today.
Why is it that when there is an infinite amount of information out there for me to learn, hobbies out there for me to tackle, and people out there that need someone to talk to or tell their story to, I am watching 30 Rock for the 3rd time (btw Toofer follows me on Twitter!) I love all of those things.  In fact the joy that I get out of the those games and re-watching Fieval Goes West or Ant Man pales in comparison to the joy I get when I sit down, do the work, and realize that I can be out of debt in 5-6 years.  By a long shot.
I am beginning to do things differently.  I’m researching.  Historically I’m not a detail oriented person.  I am more excited by the big picture ideals that guide, inspire, promote, and communicate the “why” behind things.  The details are more about the “what”.  Why someone does what they do is more interesting that what they actually do.  I can easily listen to someone talk about their passion for accounting and how they love when the data of a system comes together to paint a picture of what is going on.  When they get into explaining what that data looks like, or how they put the puzzle pieces together, that’s when they start to lose me.
SO there are a few things (you will hear more about in future posts, but I’ll tease them here), that I have been digging deep into, because I think they might be right for me and that is Crossfit and the Ketogenic diet.  I’m not going to be trying them all at once, I would probably turn into a monster for a few weeks having to transition from basically inactive and somewhat paleo to high intensity, constantly varied, functional movement (kick your ass into shape) type workouts and a diet that consists of high fats, low carbs, and moderate proteins in a hyper regulated fashion.
I am still more excited about why I am going to do both things, but because I am actually doing the research about what I’ll be doing, how I’ll be doing it and what kind of results I can expect (details!!) I am even more thrilled to start trying these new things.
So back to the question at hand.  Why have I been so willingly distracted from the things that I know would  help my financial, physical and marital health??  I have been asleep.  It is becoming easier and easier to distract myself with little things here and there so that I can avoid addressing my real life major issues like debt, fitness, or growth (personally and professionally).  It’s self sabotage.Playing games on my phone and watching tv is the easy way out.  It’s lazy, and I’m tired of dedicating hours of my life to them.  It reminds me of that saying, “Guns don’t kill people; people kill people”.  It’s not these apps, movies, tv’s shows, fantasy football teams, or podcasts that are causing me to ignore my issues, they are merely the vehicle I am using to ignore them with.  Once again, much like in my last post, It’s me!  I’m the one who is choosing a phone app over learning more about healthy eating or connecting with my wife.  I’m over here watching Pokemon when I could be learning Spanish so that I could understand how much crap the kitchen staff at work is talking about me (That’s my main motivation behind learning Spanish).

So as of today, I’m waking up.  I think this awakening started with this blog.  I made time to actually pursue something that I know I love doing.  It’s time to wake up and get healthy.  I needed to nurture my creative health.  Thank you for reading these posts.  Even if you don’t comment or like it on Facebook, know that by reading any of my posts, you’ve encouraged me to keep on doing this.  You’ve encouraged me to keep writing, keep pushing, and to put my stupid phone down.

I promise this won’t turn into a Crossfit or healthy diet blog; it will probably just be what it’s been so far;  me telling you stories (I have considered doing interviews and posting them on here… let me know if you’d be interested in that type of content.)  Thanks for the encouragement.  Thanks for the wake up call.

Time to get to work.

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