Hello Everyone. This will be a short post, just wanted to welcome you to a new version of one of my old blogs. This is the blog I started when I did a juice fast. I was revisiting this versus my blogspot and WordPress just looks and feels 100x better. If you’re interested in the juice journey I took in 2013, search for the category JUICE BLOG, and it has my 8 (soon to be 9) posts on it. I’ve also just uploaded all of my blogspot posts and will be updating them as well. To find those search for the BLOGGER category.

I’m also going to be making some Youtube videos and posting often about my process and journey and doing some promoting of different products. I won’t be promoting anything that I don’t think is worth looking into. Also I’ll mainly be writing about my observations and muses, so don’t think I’m just out here pushing for you to buy random things. I would love to have this blog be more interactive, so please feel free to comment on these posts with ideas or questions you might have. I look forward to getting to know my audience, and I hope you enjoy reading my ramblings.

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