Let’s talk about Health baby…

Hello beautiful people. I want to talk about my health journey right now. If you’re interested in some of my past healthy shenanigans, check out my Juice fast blog or my post on Keto. I’m not the most unhealthy person out there however I still am carrying around 60-80 lbs to much and there is some heart disease and heart attacks in my family history, so I have GOT to get healthy, there is no getting around it. If I am truly going to become the best version of myself I cannot ignore the issue anymore or think that what I’ve been doing is “enough”. Enough isn’t good enough so here’s what I’ve been getting into.

The new phase of my health journey started in December. I ranked high in a sales contest at work and that led to me getting an apple watch. Originally when they came out, I said to myself HAHA no way. I don’t need that (I had the same reaction to the first iPad, and have owned 3 since they came out). So I had to figure out how best I would utilize this fancy new watch. I made watch faces with Dana Jill and Garry’s faces on them and then checked out the activity circles.

I became obsessed with closing these dang circles. I had some events on a few of these weekends in January, but other than those days, I was a man on fire! Garry had been getting 1-3 walks or runs a day; he was loving it. Dana Jill was enjoying me not just laying around the house. It is a huge win. If you are a sucker for getting “achievement” notifications on a device (like I am), I recommend getting one, or a more cost effective non-apple version.  I have developed into a bit of a nerd in the sense that I LOVE data analysis, and a tool like these watches provide data to help me track results along the way.

I’ll have to avoid my FAVORITE donuts. Seriously Flour Box donuts are life changing.

On top of just being more active overall, Dana and I have a friend who is a Naturopath and works at a clinic in Spokane, WA. She specializes in a food intolerance testing method called the Carroll Method. This method addresses inflammation in the body caused by excess morbid matter (left over from food that your body doesn’t process fully) and toxemia in the blood. Our Carroll Method journey deserves many of it’s own post because it is a whole new world that we are still navigating. I’ll give you the basics here though. We found out that Dana and I both are intolerant to potatoes. Not just an actual potato, but things that are grown or developed using potato. The worst offenders are regular salt, Tapioca, Potato Starch, and Dextrose. At least 1 of these ingredients is in just about every packaged food on the planet. So there has been a lot of label reading.

There are also food combinations that we need to avoid. For me, turns out my body doesn’t process dairy and grains at the same time. That means I have to avoid the following: PIZZA, Mac & Cheese, Grilled Cheese, Burritos with cheese, Pancakes/Waffles with butter, Biscuits…. the list goes on. It’s been hard, and I’m still trying to track results from avoiding these things. Dana Jill’s combination is Fruit and Grain. So I have to check in with her what she’s going to eat that day before cooking for us. Most of the time we use Olive Oil, Avocado Oil, or Coconut Oil to cook with and those all count as fruits. She also know has to choose between whiskey or wine, and most cocktails are out for her when it comes time for adult beverages. The struggle is real! Dana has been a rock star though. She found this Whole 30 cookbook and so far we’ve had 7-8 recipes out of it and they have all been amazing. Whole 30 might be a fad diet, but daggum that cookbook is amazing!

The third thing that I’m doing is betting on myself to lose weight. I found a website called Healthwage.com .  I have placed a bet of $50 a month for the next 7 months that I will lose 70 lbs. When I hit my goal then I will win a total of $1177, if I don’t then I’m out $350. If you want to join me and win money for losing weight then you should click that link and join me! You can set whatever type of goal you want, and pay in however much you can. I don’t normally promote gambling, however if you’re motivated enough this is a win-win

So my strategy with the apple watch and this health wage thing is basically tricking myself into getting healthy and once I hit my goal weight, I’ll enjoy being healthy so much that I’ll maintain! I look forward to sharing my successes and struggles with you all. If you have any questions or have any tips with any of this let me know in the comment section OR subscribe and shoot me a message that way.

3 thoughts on “Let’s talk about Health baby…

      1. Woah! I first heard about how addicting closing the loops on Apple Watch is from a friend who lives in NYC and works for Apple. Glad of the reminder! It might be time for me to get one! Also it’s nuts how our bodies react to food. I love learning any and all I can about it. Thanks, Sam! Dope read brotha 💛


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