This post will be a snoozer

Hello beautiful people. Today I want to talk about sleep. This isn’t a topic that I’ve ever written about at length, and recently I’ve come to a new understand of our need for sleep. I thought this would be a great topic for today since we all lost an hour of sleep this past weekend.

If I hit snooze one more time… Stab me, Dana will.

This is a topic that Brendon Burchard and others talk about often. I’ve been getting up earlier so that I can have a good morning to think and prepare for the day with my planner. This has been quite the adjustment. My alarm goes off at 6am, and most of the time I get out of bed and get my day started (I used to hit snooze until Dana Jill was ready to kill me). This is one of the first new habits I decided to do on this path; I figure that the more time I am awake in a day means more opportunities I have to grow and learn.

In college I’d pull all-nighters to get a paper done last minute. More recently, in the restaurant industry I was awake until 2am on a regular basis. I used to be proud that I didn’t need more than 4 hours to function. With my new job that’s 9ish-5ish, this was the first adjustments I was glad to make. I started to get more sleep by default, and this helped me with the transition to a new industry. However this didn’t stay the case. I still held onto the belief that I only really needed about 4 hours. So I stayed up late and binge watched Brooklyn Nine-Nine (worth it) and playing video games. Falling back into old habits is a trap that I am very familiar with.

I have been trying to get a solid 8 hours of sleep. This means that I’ve got to be asleep by 10pm on the weekdays. I think I’ve actually done that twice in the past 6 weeks. So I’m not quite there yet, and I’m not giving up! 7 hours is better than 4; I’m happy with the progress and what it’s done for my mindset every day.

In my research here are some health benefits that I never realized came from getting a healthy amount of sleep:

One of my favorite things about this journey so far has been realizing that all aspects of health and wellness are tied together mental, physical, diet, emotions, all of it. They all affect each other. All 5 of those benefits are things that I am actively pursuing in this journey to my best self, and it seems to be that getting 7-9 hours of sleep are whats going to help me get there.

My friends, please do what you can to make sleep a priority. I know many of you are bad ass, hustling, hard working champions, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to get a good amount of sleep in order to be your best self. I WANT THAT FOR YOU! Some of you would tell me that you function just fine on 4 or 5, and I might not argue with you on that. You might get more done on 4 hours of sleep than I do on 7. SO picture what you could do if you had 7…. Get what I’m saying here? I know the demands of being a parent or a business owner or something along those lines can make it difficult to make this a habit. I urge you to get at least a little bit more sleep and see how much better you feel, think, and operate throughout your day.

Thanks so much for reaching out and cheering me on down the path. It really does warm my heart every time someone says, “oh hey, I read your blog!” I’m not doing this for notoriety; I genuinely want people to benefit from reading my posts, so if you’ve gotten anything out of what I write please let me know so I can double down on that and hopefully provide you with more value.

Thanks for reading, sweet dreams!

2 thoughts on “This post will be a snoozer

  1. I have a great qigong episode with muh friend jeff for getting me ready to sleep. It pairs great with some avatar and night time dbz.

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