PROGRESS UPDATE and other ramblings

Hello beautiful people. Most of my posts so far have been based around why I’m doing what I’m doing or what I’m starting to do. I thought I would give everyone an update in regards to what progress I’ve made


-I’m down 13 lbs since starting this journey. I joined Planet Fitness gym and I’m starting a regular work-out rhythm tomorrow. I’ve been every day since I joined, and the routine is going to help me stay more consistent as to what areas of my body I’m working out each week. I’ve got alot to learn here. I’ve just been doing the work outs and using the machines that I did when I was on the middle school football team. One of the books I just listened to was Atomic Habits by James Clear (GO GET THIS BOOK!!!) He lays out a strategic approach to building good habits. I’m just in phase one of this goal. Phase one is GET TO THE GYM! I’ve done that consistently and now it’s time for phase 2 GET STRATEGIC WITH WORKOUTS. I’ll do a more detailed post about that later.

-Diet plan: I’ve struggled with this area a little bit since the beginning of this journey. Eating things I know I shouldn’t and continuing to eat past satiation. I need to slow down and ask myself questions out loud about the food I put in my body and practice mindful eating. Last week I started intermittent fasting twice a week. My fast days are Monday and Thursday; I’m looking forward to the results I’ll see this Thursday because Thursday is a heavy cardio day at the gym, so I should drop some extra pounds. Beyond that, I’ve been paying attention to the Carroll method and listening to my body. I tell you what, my body does NOT like to eat grains and dairy together. I had a pizza a couple of weeks ago and my stomach was NOT happy about it. I am encouraged though because I am craving healthier foods. I don’t even remember the last time I actually sought out an apple. Normally I just settle for one out of convenience or guilt… Dana laughed at me the other day. I was sharing with her that I think I am making progress and she laughed and said, “Sam, you just ate an apple for dinner… ” DUH of course that’s progress…


-I have officially been readmitted to the University of Memphis. I got access to the new student portal, which shows you your past grades and suggests courses and what not. Looking at my old grades really made me laugh. I got 2 A’s at UM: Golf and Public Speaking. I’m not a good golfer; I just showed up to class because it met at a driving range. I got an A in public speaking because I got up and gave speeches about Memphis in May and Music History in Memphis… Topics that are easy to talk about. There are classes that I failed and I don’t even remember signing up for. There were also some classes I passed that I thought for sure I had failed. It was enlightening to say the least. Next step is getting with my advisor and coming up with a game plan on the best way for me to finish up.

-I’m also currently enrolled in WSET level 2 Spirits course through work and I’m pretty stoked about it. It’s a course on the strategic approach to tasting spirits and all things liquor. It’s been fun and informative so far! Depending on the timing I want to take the WSET level 2 Wine course this year as well.


-This has been an insane couple of weeks at work. It’s been really easy to go immediately to a stressed/overwhelmed place in response to all that’s being asked of me and my team. I am proud of myself in that I have been constantly reminding myself that I am NOT in danger. My email inbox is not trying to murder me or any of my loved ones. These reminders help me stay focused and clear minded and help me avoid getting super stressed out. That being said, I had a super efficient day last week, and I still felt like I didn’t really get anything done. That was a bit disappointing. What can ya do? My boss is covering a route that we haven’t hired anyone for yet, so he’s feeling the pressure as well. I’m trying to do my best where I can to help out the team and take care of my customers, and hit these crazy quotas and goals.

Also, I got a haircut that I don’t like.

-I have been letting stress in over the last couple days. I was thinking about it today and my energy at the end of a stressful day (by that I mean: a day where I didn’t move past stress or overwhelm, but stayed there for prolonged periods) is TERRIBLE! So today, I’m focusing on positivity. We’ll see if there is a notable difference in my energy levels once I get home. Wish me luck! I could continue to ramble, but I’ll save that for another post. Have a great rest of your week. Thanks for reading!

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