Goodbye 31!

It’s my birthday today!! Thought I’d take this opportunity to do an overview of the last year. I feel like after 25, the only birthdays that really matter are the whole decade ones. That being said, 31 was a good year for me.

BIGFOOT! some people say it’s all rigged, but he killed it that night for sure!

Dana Jill coordinated a bunch of my friends and TOTALLY surprised me a couple weeks ago. We all went to Monster Jam at Century Link Field in Seattle. We then went to Bush Gardens for some glorious Karoake. It was an amazing birthday surprise. Thanks to all who came out!

Here’s the highlights:

  • Got a new job in a new industry
  • Led High school camp for the first time
  • Got to eat at some of the best restaurants in Seattle (Canlis, mBar, Copal)
  • Went to Gottman Marriage Seminar
  • Got to watch Dana Jill learn and grow with her business
  • Started to get healthy
  • Surprised my Sister for her 30th birthday
  • Revamped Blog
  • Got to have whiskey and wine tastings at our house
  • Planning for the future in a real, actionable way
This is me not skipping the gym on my birthday. 7am in the middle of the 30 minute HIIT circuit training.

Over all I feel like I really woke up out of a fog in my 31st year of life. I am happier, healthier, and feel more alive than I ever have and not in a manic way. This new mindset is definitely more sustainable.

I haven’t missed a day at the gym since I joined, and I’m craving healthy food. Dana asked me yesterday what I wanted for dinner and I said, “a big-ass salad”. This is something that I would have NEVER called for 6 months ago. We’ve been listening to Dr. Steven Gundry’s podcast lately. He wrote a new book that just came out called The Longevity Paradox. He also has a book called The Plant Paradox. We’re trying to incorporate his wisdom into our diet and diversify our gut microbiome. We’re also still trying our best to stick to the Carroll diet and avoiding our intolerances. I’ve promised a post on the Carroll Method, and don’t worry, that will be the next.

I was talking to Dana the other day and I think I figured out what has kept me grinding for more than 2 weeks (Dana has been asking me, what put the bee in my bonnet). I forgot how much I genuinely love learning. These days when I run into something I’m not sure about or don’t know, I get excited. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the wealth of information that is out there. I try to listen to multiple view points and figure out what works for me and Dana. The point isn’t to be right; it’s to learn and so far, whether it’s nutrition, exercise, or mental practices, I haven’t tired from learning.

Here we go!

Last and certainly not least, and I haven’t spoken about this on here before drum rolllllll……….. I am happy to report that I haven’t had a cigarette in 13 hours. I smoked my last one while walking Garry Potter last night. I thought, “oh, I need to go grab some cigarettes” and then I took a second, and asked myself, “do I NEED to? or do I want to?” SO, I didn’t buy any last night. I went to the gym this morning and drove past 8 gas stations and didn’t buy any. Do I WANT a cigarette? yes. Do I need one? not yet. I’m going to give this a try and see how long it lasts. If I quit, that’s great. If not, then there are more opportunities to quit. Given the trajectory I find myself it’s bound to happen soon. Wish me luck, it’s the last week of the month, and in the sales world it gets pretty stressful. Here’s to me finding better ways to cope with stress and building healthier habits as a 32 year old!

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