My story so far…


I never thought I'd change my mind on this issue; yet here we are. When I opened up to the future and committed to becoming the best version of myself, I started to re-evaluate some things about myself that have become integral parts of my story so far. It's something I talk about in job … Continue reading BACK TO SCHOOL


Hello beautiful people. I made this video last night with Dana Jill and Garry Potter. You're going to want to click that link... Go ahead... I'll wait. I hope you chuckled a bit. We had so much fun doing it that I definitely want to do it on a weekly basis. I am asking for … Continue reading WEEKLY ONESIE REVIEW

Let’s talk about Health baby…

Hello beautiful people. I want to talk about my health journey right now. If you're interested in some of my past healthy shenanigans, check out my Juice fast blog or my post on Keto. I'm not the most unhealthy person out there however I still am carrying around 60-80 lbs to much and there is … Continue reading Let’s talk about Health baby…

Who am I listening to?

Garry Potter is loving the snow!! Hey folks, hope all is well. We are in the midst of SNOWPOCALYPSE 2019 here in Seattle, which has been a big blessing to me. I had some time stuck in the house to finally get all my content organized and did some strategizing on what's next for me … Continue reading Who am I listening to?

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton So this was the stock option for starting my own website, and I thought about deleting it however I like the quote and the picture, so good call WordPress. I am migrating my personal blog over here so … Continue reading The Journey Begins


Hello Everyone. This will be a short post, just wanted to welcome you to a new version of one of my old blogs. This is the blog I started when I did a juice fast. I was revisiting this versus my blogspot and WordPress just looks and feels 100x better. If you're interested in the … Continue reading WELCOME BACK TO WORD PRESS!

paradox and some ramblings from a "writer"

I've been thinking alot about paradoxes lately.  Thinking about and experiencing them. This past week I worked alot.  It was alot even based on my normal standard which is too much for normal humans.  My boss is on vacation, and we're understaffed and there was some crazy stuff happening at work, on top of having … Continue reading paradox and some ramblings from a "writer"