Thanksgiving was Dana and my 4 year anniversary.  We got married the saturday after thanksgiving, so we knew that eventually it would fall on thanksgiving and this was the first time it did!  We went down to Rockaway Beach to hang out with Troy, Allyson, and Christy Jo (who I haven't seen in FOREVER!). Camp … Continue reading Update!


Lately I've been fired up.  I've felt awake.  "What are you fired up about Sam?" you might be asking me.... Well the answer isn't that simple. I spend too much time on my phone.  I spend to much time on Netflix.  Dana can confirm both of these facts.  Before a few weeks ago, my days … Continue reading WAKE UP

My Debt Story

I just watched the documentary "Inequality For All". It's basically Rob Reich (former secretary of Labor under Bill Clinton) discussing and explaining the growing income inequality and how we got here.  He's a professor now (amongst other things) and the film is framed by different sessions of his lectures in this auditorium filled lecture hall … Continue reading My Debt Story

Garry Potter: The Pup Who Lived

I've always had a dog or dogs in or near my life.  Pinky was our first dog, then came Chief, Honey (who became Steve) and Duke.  Those were all family dogs.  The first dog I owned after that was Carol.  Andrew (my best friend and roommate) and I adopted a german sheppard puppy and named … Continue reading Garry Potter: The Pup Who Lived

86 wheat and sugar

So, since I mentioned dietary plans and willpower in my first post, I thought I'd write about Dana's and my new diet.  As you could guess from the title of this post, we are avoiding gluten and sugar.  I wrote a lot about my dietary history on the juice fast blog, but I'll summarize here. … Continue reading 86 wheat and sugar