What to do now….

I had an entire post written about what happened on tuesday and I deleted it.  It was my take on what we should do now in light of who we will have in the whitehouse as of January 20th.  I deleted it because I have nothing to say about any of it anymore.  I'm at … Continue reading What to do now….

I Almost Died Vol. 2

The first car that was ever fully mine (not shared with my mom like the purple intrepid) was a gold 2001 Ford Explorer.  A few weeks into driving the explorer, I was on my way to give blood.  I took a left turn and got hit in the front and it spun me around.  Nothing … Continue reading I Almost Died Vol. 2

I Almost Died Vol. 1

Lately Dana and I have been experience some really insane traffic incidents where people bust a u-turn right in front of us from a dead stop and almost kill us or we get cut off in traffic, more so than the usual nightmare that is Seattle traffic.  That gave me the idea to tell you … Continue reading I Almost Died Vol. 1