I never thought I'd change my mind on this issue; yet here we are. When I opened up to the future and committed to becoming the best version of myself, I started to re-evaluate some things about myself that have become integral parts of my story so far. It's something I talk about in job … Continue reading BACK TO SCHOOL

I Almost Died Vol. 2

The first car that was ever fully mine (not shared with my mom like the purple intrepid) was a gold 2001 Ford Explorer.  A few weeks into driving the explorer, I was on my way to give blood.  I took a left turn and got hit in the front and it spun me around.  Nothing … Continue reading I Almost Died Vol. 2

JUICE FAST Day 1. Part 1 here we go….

Not really sure how to start this so, I'm just going to get right into it. My name is Sam and most of your reading this probably already know me, but for those random others, I'll tell you a little bit about myself. I just turned 26. I am from Memphis, TN. I just moved … Continue reading JUICE FAST Day 1. Part 1 here we go….