paradox and some ramblings from a "writer"

I've been thinking alot about paradoxes lately.  Thinking about and experiencing them. This past week I worked alot.  It was alot even based on my normal standard which is too much for normal humans.  My boss is on vacation, and we're understaffed and there was some crazy stuff happening at work, on top of having … Continue reading paradox and some ramblings from a "writer"

Learnings from the road…

Hello beautiful people.  blah blah blah excuse excuse excuse for why I haven't written in forever... Ok now that's out of the way.  Let's talk about problem solving and getting to do things that you are massively under-qualified and unprepared for.  That's been my summer.  I can't remember if I have stated on here before … Continue reading Learnings from the road…

That one time I got fired

I was walking around downtown Seattle last week on the way back to my car from the dentist.  I walked past the only business I've ever been fired from, and accross the street from that business was a pretty freshly demolished building, and the parking lot had already been ripped up.  Knowing Seattle, it will … Continue reading That one time I got fired

My Debt Story

I just watched the documentary "Inequality For All". It's basically Rob Reich (former secretary of Labor under Bill Clinton) discussing and explaining the growing income inequality and how we got here.  He's a professor now (amongst other things) and the film is framed by different sessions of his lectures in this auditorium filled lecture hall … Continue reading My Debt Story